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The Hazards of Working Offshore


Working on an offshore oil and gas platform is considered one of the most dangerous careers. Dangerous offshore jobs are included in almost every list of hazardous professions and for good reason. Onshore oil rigs are much like those used in offshore drilling projects, except they are used on land. Onshore drilling workers face many different types of hazards, from basic structural and environmental hazards to those associated with the chemicals they use to do their jobs. There are countless types of injury that can happen both on and offshore. The following examples are some of the most common [...]

The Hazards of Working Offshore2021-08-17T12:25:49+02:00

Remote Patient Monitoring Supports Vendor Connectivity, Technology


As remote patient monitoring solutions expand, organizations should take steps to improve network connectivity. Reducing patient visits and improving long-term patient health motivate healthcare organizations to embrace remote patient monitoring. However without the healthcare network to support healthcare monitoring devices, organizations can’t fully support remote monitoring programs. Reducing hospital visits by remotely monitoring patients helps healthcare organizations keep their overall costs down and increase value-based care, according to a recent KLAS report. Remote patient monitoring replaces on-site visits mainly to manage chronic diseases and follow-up recovery care. This results in the increased productivity of clinicians who don’t have to treat [...]

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