The Hazards of Working Offshore


Working on an offshore oil and gas platform is considered one of the most dangerous careers. Dangerous offshore jobs are included in almost every list of hazardous professions and for good reason. Onshore oil rigs are much like those used in offshore drilling projects, except they are used on land. Onshore drilling workers face many different types of hazards, from basic structural and environmental hazards to those associated with the chemicals they use to do their jobs. There are countless types of injury that can happen both on and offshore. The following examples are some of the most common [...]

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RCS of Edinburgh opens faculty of Remote and Rural Healthcare


Faculty of Remote and Rural Healthcare, RCS of Edinburgh Our Vision The Faculty of Remote and Rural Healthcare’s vision is that everyone has access to great healthcare, regardless of location and that human ingenuity is capable of achieving the vision of this universal right. The establishment of the Faculty of Remote and Rural Healthcare recognises that there is a global need for an institutional body, willing and able to set and maintain the highest standards of practitioner excellence. The Faculty will establish, promote and train using new standards for rural and remote healthcare practitioners. In collaboration with its partners, which [...]

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