Our goal is to be there when you need us. Our 24/7/365 availability ensures and provides easy access to good healthcare, any time.

We are staffed with general practitioners, seafarer´s and petroleum doctors with experience from general medicine, maritime and offshore industry.

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Cathrine Grøsfjeld, MD
Cathrine Grøsfjeld, MDClinic Manager
Seafarer´s doctor
Christian Gorgas, MD
Christian Gorgas, MDMedical Doctor
Seafarer’s Doctor
Petroleum Doctor
Thomas Waldow, MD
Thomas Waldow, MDMedical Doctor
Seafarer’s Doctor
Petroleum Doctor
Maren Moi-Vist, RN
Maren Moi-Vist, RNNurse
Registered Nurse

Health certificates

We specialize in health certificates, we have certified Seafarer’s doctors and Petroleum doctors.

We also do other medical certificates, check out our booking for details

Health Certificates

Vaccination Center

We give immunizations for international travel destinations.

We offer recommendations for travel health based on current medical and travel guidelines.

Vaccination Center

Doctor’s Appointment

Same day medical appointments, see a doctor the day you need care.

Real-time online scheduling and telemedicine sessions available.

Doctor appointment

MEDCLINIC is part of RE-MED, which improve health to people everywhere.

We believe that access to good health care should not depend on who you are, what you do or where you live.