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Medical support

Providing healthcare in remote locations is very different from providing healthcare in an urban medical facility. This naturally requires a different mindset of those working with it as well as broad experience and competence within their field of work. We see providing remote healthcare as being a multidisciplinary work and have incorporated all the different competencies needed to counteract the challenges of the remoteness, into one complete healthcare system. Our Medical support services form a basic part of the RE-MED Healthcare System™.

We offer the services of our dedicated and experienced medics, nurses and medical doctors through all phases of the remote healthcare process as well as access to our 24/7 on-call telemedical support center.

Telemedical support center

We bring the hospital to the patient through immediate access to our 24/7 on call telemedical support center. It involves real-time medical advice provided by emergency doctors and nurses via telecommunication. Just push a button and you are put in direct contact with our emergency physicians and nurses.

Optimal communication between the Remote healthcare practitioner and our Telemedical support center is achieved through:

  • Integration of Remote Health International’s systems and procedures through all levels of the remote healthcare chain including training, logistics and organization of equipment and medication.
  • Reliable satellite communication
  • Telemedical solutions including realtime videoconferencing and a wide variety of customized medical devices and monitors.
  • The use of Instructional videos, Instructional programs and use of Human body dummies during RHCP contact.

Due to technological advances we can now connect practically any diagnostic device (normally used in an emergency room) to our telemedical support center and the emergency physician on call, as well as establish telemedical contact between individual specialists and the remote healthcare practitioner. This allows us to initiate the correct treatment early, minimise unnecessary medevacs, expedite necessary ones and more important save lives.

Remote Healthcare practitioners (RHCP)

We offer the services of our trained RHCP’s through all phases of the remote activity and assure that all RHCP’s involved have the needed competence to deliver high quality healthcare at the remote location. The required experience and competence level of the RHCP depend on factors concerning the remote operation such as evacuation time, nature of onsite activity, resources available, type of population at the remote location etc.. and will commonly be customized for each individual operation.

Being a RHCP requires a certain mindset, high level of autonomy as well as experience within a broad level of medical specialities such as emergency medicine, primary care, preventive medicine (Occupational Health, Public Health), health administration and dental care. Most of our Remote Healthcare Practitioners (RHCP) have nursing background although well trained and experienced paramedics and medical doctors serve as RHCP’s at times.

Our services include:

Basic RHCP’s

For uncomplicated and low risk remote operations with reasonable short evacuation time, a Basic RHCP normally will be sufficient as additional compensatory measures will be put in place to make sure the healthcare delivered is of high standard. Our Basic RHCP possess a broad basic knowledge covering emergency medicine, primary care, preventive medicine (Occupational Health, Public Health), health administration and dental care.

Advanced RHCP’s

Our advanced RHCP’s are highly skilled, experienced RHCP’s that have advanced level of training and competence in emergency management of ill or injured patients, primary healthcare and preventive healthcare. In addition they are skilled in health administration (managing a site clinic, managing a pharmacy, record keeping, communications skills, implementing health programs), dental care, advanced patient transfer and evacuation.

Customized RHCP’s

Sometimes the location or activity involved demand that the RHCP master more specialized competencies (diving medicine, aviation medicine, tropical medicine etc.) in order to ensure good healthcare at the remote location.  We make sure that the competence profile of the RHCP fits the remote location and level of medical services requested.

Medical Doctors

Our diverse staff of medical doctors possess the multitude of practical and medical skills that are needed to handle all stages of your remote operation. To meet the challenges of remote medicine we offer medical expertise in areas such as preventive medicine, occupational health, primary care and emergency medicine through all the phases of your project. In addition we offer immediate access to our 24/7 on call telemedical support center which includes real-time contact with our emergency physicians as well as other medical specialists if needed.

We involve our medical doctors, their knowledge and expertise from the very beginning to the end of your remote project. 


At Remote Health International we are very proud of our ability to prevent, diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses at the remote location itself. One of the very advantages of our complete RE-MED Healthcare System™ is definitely to avoid unnecessary medevacs. That said, the need for medical evacuation will occasionally occur and the available options are always thoroughly evaluated in the Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP) prior to mobilization.

When needed, we execute rapid and effective evacuations using the most efficient, reliable and trusted suppliers worldwide. Depending on the nature of the illness or injury this could mean initial evacuation to secondary or tertiary medical facilities for further treatment and stabilization or evacuation directly to host country.

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