“As expected, 2018 has proven to be a pretty busy year”, says Christian Gorgas smiling. I meet the CEO and founder of Remote Health International in his new office in Sandnes, a city located on the southwest coast of Norway. After years working as global subject matter expert in telemedicine and remote healthcare for the Royal Dutch Shell, he is now building his own global company specializing in remote health. 

“I see great need for and the possibility to apply all the experience, mindset and tools we acquired during our challenging remote projects in the energy and marine industry to offer good healthcare to others in remote places. This should be regardless of whether they work, vacate or live there”, he says. His extensive remote healthcare experience spans projects from Greenland, Alaska, Siberia and the Bering sea in the cold unhostile north to the tropical climate of West Africa and South Africa in the south.  

Gorgas himself studied medicine in Hungary during the 90’s when the scent of the old school military approach to the studies was still left in the hallways of the post communist area. “This thought me medicine the hard way, but more than anything it thought me to know what I don’t know”, he laughs. “The studies was a rat race with only a given number of places open every year. Strange enough this really brought out the value of helping each other among most of the students, a common understanding of the ability to make each individual stronger by standing together. I really believe that if you assemble the right group of people, people with the right mindset and competence, most things can be dealt with. If you then combine that with a profound care for people and respect for each other, you are describing the work culture we aspire to have at Remote Health International. This is really something I hold highly and it will be very visible to the customers and patients that will be dealing with our company”, he assures. 

“With that in mind I’m very proud of the diverse group of professionals that has joined and is continuing to join our company. Together with our wide network of top shelf partners I know we will really make a difference to a lot of people”.

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