“Access to good healthcare should not depend on who you are, what you do or where you live”


Remote Health International offers worldwide services in remote medical care and emergency medical support. We are doing this by uniting all aspects of remote healthcare into an integrated, continuously evolving and improving system.

Enjoy the full benefit of our complete RE-MED Healthcare System™

Our end-to-end remote healthcare system is based on innovative solutions, extensive remote healthcare experience and the diverse expertise of our highly skilled partners. When fully integrated it covers all medical needs of remote traveling, working and/or living. 

Implementation of our services will:

  • Secure early diagnosis and optimal medical treatment if illness or injuries occur during remote operations or living, including efficient emergency evacuation.

  • Include 24/7 advanced medical support through telemedicine combined with the ultimate within innovative technical solutions, communication and remote medical expertise.

  • Improve access to medical expertise for remote and rural communities

  • Guarantee optimal training of personnel and a reliable supply of high quality medical equipment.

  • Decrease your employees chances of getting ill or injured during the remote stay by implementing preventive and risk reducing measures.

  • Save you money, minimise unnecessary medevacs, expedite necessary ones and more important save lives.


Our vision is to be the global leader in end-to-end remote healthcare solutions, causing a major impact to people’s lives and wellbeing in remote areas.

  • International focus – We have a global client base

  • Training and education – We encourage continuous learning and improved standards of remote healthcare

  • People – We believe in the potential of people and the value of good health

  • Innovation – We use innovative technical solutions to improve access to medical expertise

  • Collaboration – We practice collaboration and sharing for the benefit of all

  • Medical expertise – We bring high quality healthcare closer to the patient




Inspired by excellence & innovation 

The future belongs to those who see possibilities today.

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